Cycle Touring

Hi there. I’m Jamie and like many out there, I have a passion for travelling and photography. When I travel, there’s usually a camera not too far away and when I’m behind a camera, I’m more often than not on the road again. This has led me to the somewhat inevitable conclusion of creating the website you find yourself reading now.
I’m based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands but I’m originally from the UK having left when I was 25. I'm now a little older.
As much as I would love to fill this paragraph with a rambling and romanticised story about how I was inspired to practice photography due to a toy camera I received when I was younger, I’d be in danger of lying. Instead, I became hooked when I first got the chance at developing my own negatives in college and this photographic passion has really just developed from there.
Whilst I don’t necessarily travel with the sole aim of the trip being photography, I do love to document the places I travel to; the people I meet, the things that happen there and the landscapes I traverse. More often than not, my travels usually occur whilst sitting on a bicycle, and it's at ‘afishoutofwater’ where you can see a little more about this.
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